Katherine Masters (b. 1979 London, United Kingdom) lives and works in Lisbon and is a graduate of Goldsmiths University and Central Saint Martins. Her work has been the subject of solo exhibitions; these include The Storyteller and the Sea, at the Farol Museu de Santa Marta and Museu do Mar, Lisbon (2011) and Flat White, at The Flat White, London (2014).

Group exhibitions include: Aid Contra Prose, shown in both Gallery 2902, Singapore (2004) and Oxo Tower, London (2003). Other group exhibitions include Exhibition of Artworks in support of the Ukraine, Galeria de Arte Estoril, Lisbon (2022) and Arte na Freguesia, Galeria de Arte Cascais, Lisbon (2023). More recently I’ll Be Here When You’re Gone, at The Glasgow Gallery of Photography, Glasgow, Scotland (2023).

Katherine’s work focuses primarily on the natural world and the human condition; her practice is currently centred on themes related to the relationship between gratitude and heroism in society, the Portuguese coastline and its fragility, and the connection of super dreams to the real. Her process is rooted in the visual interpretation of her emotions through the use and exploration of colour, or the lack of it.  Working mainly in watercolours, acrylic and photography, she draws upon a contemporary and rich visual language that seeks to investigate these themes through her own emotions, stimulating new understandings. 

Photo credit: Ewa Lukaszczykiewicz