The Storyteller and the Sea

An exploration of the Portuguese and their relationship with the sea. The people selected all spend time with the ocean in varying ways. Represented by their hands and a story of courage – their portraits are faceless – and so they become somewhat anonymous to the viewer; as the faces of past navigators are to us. 

Fisherman | José da Costa Coelho
Lighthouse Keeper | César Manuel Cardoso Pires
Surf Photographer | Ricardo Bravo
Bodyboarder | Marta Fernandes
Diver | Francisco Macedo
Waterman | António de Almeida Bessone Basto
Marine Biologist | Rui Rosa
Professional Surfer | Pedro Soares
Surf Instructor | Evangelista dos Santos Varela (Rasta)
Aquarist and Ocean Activist | Vanda Lobo
Lifeguard and Fisherman | Diogo Liberal

‘The Storyteller and the Sea,’ by Katherine Masters is available to buy on Amazon.  This book brings light to real life heroic stories from people in Portugal. These stories are touching, some terrifying and some of them are quite unforgettable.