"The end of birth is death; The end of death is birth" | Watercolour | 30cm x 40cm
"That which is can never cease to be; that which is not will not exist" | Watercolour | 24cm x 30cm
“The will governed sets the soul at peace” | Watercolour | 24cm x 30cm
"No fruit is at all where no work was" | Watercolour | 30cm x 40cm
“Lives lord not servant, of his lusts; set free” | Watercolour | 30cm x 40cm
“To see one changeless life in all the lives, and in the separate, one inseparable” | watercolour | 30cm x 40cm
"When thy firm soul hath shaken off those tangled oracles" | watercolour | 30cm x 40cm
"In sorrows not dejected and in joys not overjoyed" | watercolour | 24cm x 30cm
"To die performing duty is no ill" | watercolour | 30cm x 40cm
"Seek refuge in thy soul; have there thy heaven" | watercolour | 24cm x 30cm

There She Was (SOLD)

There She Was | 100cm x 120cm | Acrylic on Canvas | 2021

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