Arte na Freguesia Group Exhibition 2023

This exhibition, organised by the Junta de Freguesia de Cascais, showcases the work of eight diverse artists living and working in Cascais. Each artist has produced an original and unique collection of work that features different public spaces within the Cascais Municipality. In addition to these individual works, they have also collaborated to create a single piece of one of the most iconic views of Cascais.

Sketches of the Passeio Maria Pia and the Cascais Marina. Portugal.

Examples of Works & Locations

Work Showing at the Exhibition

“I hope that in the future people look back on some of these works and say “Cascais was a really special place.” May its beauty endure beyond all the art but if it doesn’t we have it here locked in paint and pencil. It has been an honour to work alongside this group of passionate and talented artists in creating art of this gem that is Cascais.” – Katherine Masters

Palm Trees on a Cliff (Praia da Azarujinha) | 21cm x 29,7cm | Watercolour  (for sale)

By the Bay (Praia da Rainha) | 21cm x 29,7cm | Pencil  (for sale)

Please join us in January!

The opening of the exhibition will take place on the 13th of January 2023. We look forward to seeing you there!

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